CMS Announces Winners From Catamount BX/SX Event


It was a beautiful blue sky day this past Saturday at Catamount for our 2nd Boardercross/Skiercross event of the season. Conditions were perfect for this head-to-head showdown on the slopes, with many riders from the Mid Atlantic Series showing up to throw their hats in the ring. After a day of intense competition, the CMS team pulled away in the medal count, with many of the races being won at the finish line.

Here is a list of the first place winners:

  • Open Class Men - Chris Bush
  • Ruggie Girls - Abigail Barnes
  • Ruggie Boys - Blaze Conlan
  • Skier Boys - Garret Malone
  • Grommet Boys - Peter Conlan
  • Menehune Girls - Alexa Cerra
  • Menehune Boys - Jeremy Redaelli
  • Skier Boys - Sebastian Ferretti
  • Breaker Boys - Larry Redaelli
  • Youth Women - Maura Passione
  • Youth Men - Daniel Legg
  • Junior Men - Donny Malone
  • Women’s Jam - Nicole Imbriani
  • Men’s Jam - Monte Hoover
  • Senior Men - Brian Lebow
  • Legend Men - Greg Mooy
  • Kahuna Men - Erik Donaldson

You can read the entire article on the event and view photos and videos on the CMS website.