Central Hudson - Warm-Weather Steps to Help Save Energy & Money

Sometimes, on the hottest, most humid days, the overall demand for electric power may come close to exceeding the available supply. On such days, companies like Central Hudson may be directed by New York State energy authorities to call on their customers to decrease electrical consumption for a period of time, thus lessening the need for voltage reductions or rolling blackouts. Here are some simple ways that you can respond to such a call for conservation:

Wait until the evening
Don’t run washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashers, swimming pool filters, hot tubs, spas or any other major appliances until later in the evening — usually after 7 p.m. — when the overall demand for electricity is lower.

Turn it off when you're not around
Keeping a fan on in an empty room does absolutely no good. Turn it off when you leave, and turn it back on when you return.
Turn off all lights that are not needed, especially those that are on in empty rooms.
If no one is really watching the television or listening to the radio or stereo, turn them off.
Computers, printers, scanners and any other electronic devices that are not in use should not be left on.

Keep your thermostats at a reasonable temperature
If you have central air conditioning, set it no lower than 78 degrees.

Conserve naturally
Keep curtains and shades drawn together, doors and windows closed tight during the daytime hours, to seal in the cool and shut out the heat.