South Mountain Associates supports environmentally conscious initiatives towards renewable & sustainable living in Greene County.

October, 2009 - South Mountain is working with Catskill Mountain Wind to provide the first community wind power generation in Greene County. Catskill Mountain Wind Management, a new wind power company, has partnered with the Greene County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) and the Town of Hunter in developing a community wind project for the Hunter Mountain area.

Catskill Mountain Wind holds the NYS license for the technology of national turbine developer and manufacturer Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc., of Worcester, Mass.

Mass Megawatts has developed a state-of-the-art Multi-Axis Turbosystem and Augmenter and it is that which CMW has brought to the county at the site of the former Hunter Landfill.

South Mountain Associates’ Bob Basil was brought in to help design the electric install and interface with the current Central Hudson Grid.

The 10 kW unit was placed at the landfill to power the town’s wetlands leachate treatment system, as well as generate excess power.

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